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We only use Qualified Instructors

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Test Results for our BE towing lessons Liverpool North West

1st time pass rates over 72% Compared to the National 1st time pass rate of around 25%

DVSA Qualified Towing courses

Do you expect to have a Qualified Instructor teach you?

Can you afford to have drivers off work losing money doing around 5 re-tests?

Are you Legal?

If you passed your test after 1st January 1997, you might be allowed to tow a trailer if the combination of vehicle and trailer is less than 3500Kg. As a result you will be require to do a trailer towing course.

Companies who have used our B+E trailer training course

lcctowing lessonstrailer towingunited utilities

LANDROVER driver training course

Some of our successful passes

Mansfield group
Bradley Langton Passedtrailer training schools
Ryan Kilroe Passed 1st timetowing lessons
Lindsey Rushton Passedtowing lessons
Hannah Passed 1st timeB+E
Passed 1st timeB+E


1 Day course for clients who have failed a course or who have passed an advanced driving course {8 hours }

1.5 Day course for customers who can reverse a trailer {12 hours }

2 Day for customers with a little experience at revering a trailer {16 hours }

2.5 Day for customers with no experience at reversing a trailer {20 hours }

{Improved 1st time pass rates - Extra pre-course materials provided & more practice time on test routes}

Please call for information on any of the above courses

Please add test fee: Mon-Fri £115 to above course prices

Vehicle & Test requirements

Using your own vehicle can reduce the anxiety of driving a different vehicle {please supply a number plate for the rear of our trailer and ensure your electrics are working on your tow bar}

You can use our vehicle {no extra fee to use our vehicle}

Please note you need both parts of your driving licence to take a test

What`s involved in theTest?

Safety questions

You could be asked up to 5 questions {Takes 4 minutes}


Takes approximately 5 minutes {Completed in a very small area and the trailer must end up within a 1 metre area or else you fail}


takes 10 minutes. Un hitching move the vehicle away then reverse up to the trailer without crashing into the trailer plus Hitching up the trailer {Getting the sequence wrong you fail}

The driving test

Takes 60 minutes. Clients need have had some advanced driving training before attempting this part of the test. Clients need to drive to the same advanced standard as a HGV/PCV driver

What driving subjects are covered on the Driving test?

Motorway Driving

Dual carriageways

Spiral roundabouts

Independent driving {New}

Country lanes

1 way streets

Stop junctions

Bus lanes

Cycle lanes

Box junctions

Hill starts

Stopping exercise

Moving away done approximately 6 times

Approach 25 sets of traffic lights which pose a number of areas that the car and trailer must not stop in if the lights change to red

Filter traffic lights

Selecting appropriate lanes when driving

Approximately 15 changes in speed limits plus many other items could be dealt with.

Learner test standard is not enough.

Our advice is to take an assessment then follow our advice to help you to a better chance of a 1st time pass.

Not having a high standard of trainer could result in many failed attempts at the test.Clients should be aware we are teaching to help become safe at towing a trailer and clients should have a general good understanding on basic driving skills which were required for the learner car test. Please read up on highway code and the essential driving skills booklet before starting a course

Can you afford to fail?

Taking 3 or 4 trailer tests? {could easily add £1000 onto your course}

Terrence McKenly Passed 1st timeTrailer training lessons
Patrick Quilligan Passed 1st timetowing schools
Christopher Moon Passed 1st timeTrailer training lessons
Robert Geddes Passed 1st timetowing lessons
Paul Hately Passed 1st timeBE Towing
Dominic Gath Passed 1st timeB+E
Craig Davidson Passed 1st timeBE
Iian WoodB+E
Ian Hatchard Passed 1st timeB+E
Jeffs Quignonbe
Cheyenne BurtonB+E
Joseph WarburtonBE
Lee McKie Passed 1st timeBE
David Crawford Passed 1st timeB+E
Brad Langton Passed 1st timeBE
Jamie Radcliffe Passed 1st timeB+E
Paul Shaw Passed 1st timeBE
Rhiannan Morgan from the Wirral Passed 1st timeBE
Chris Broom Passed 1st time with NO FAULTSBE
Richard Call Passed 1st timeRichard CallPauls instruction has been professional, informative and patient, which gave me a great chance to pass first time.
Nick Jones from tuning Developments ltd Passed 1st timeTrailer towing
James Laycock Passed 1st time with my schoolJames Laycock
Jon Blundell Passed 1st timeJon Blundell
Simon Hunter Passed 1st timeSimon Hunter
Chris Johnson Passed 1st timeChris Johnson
Johnathan Slater from Maghull Passed 1st timetrailer towing courses
Alex Moran Passed 1st timeB+E
Sean Nolan Passed 1st timeB+E towing course
MartinBE trailer course
Januez Passed 1st timetrailer towing courses
Christopher Spencer Passed 1st timetowing lessons
DanPrice Passed 1st timetowing lessons liverpool
James Reed Passed 1st timetowing lessons
Dale Gilbertson Passed 1st timetowing lessons
Grant Crossley Passed 1st timeGrant Crossley
David Jones Passed 1st timetowing courses
Robert Jackson Passed 1st timeRobert Jackson
Shelly Goodwin Passed 1st timeShelly
Natalie HeatonNatalie Heaton
Jordan Fox Passed 1st timetrailer training
Ryan Livesley Passed 1st timeRyan
Kevin AndrewsKevin
Becky Jone Passed 1st timeBecky
Dan Cringle Passed 1st timeDan Cringle
Tony Ainsworth Passed 1st timeBloke 2
Passed 1st timetowing courses
Neil BrownNeil
Simon Routledge Passed 1st timeSimon
Vincent HaganVincentVincent Hagan
Mark Murray Passed 1st timeBloke
Adam Passed 1st timeADAM
Stephen Carr Passed 1st timetowing lessons north west
Paul MoranPaul Moran
Jimmy Greeves Passed 1st timeJimmy
Simon Horseman Passed 1st timetrailer training courses
Luke Robinson Passed 1st timeluke
Andy Donaldson Passed 1st timepass
David Hughes Passed 1st timeDavid Hughes
Micheal Passed 1st timeMicheal passed
Tony Millar Passed 1st timeTony Millar
NathanTowing test passed

Qualifications held by our towing instructors

Our expert trailer towing lessons instructors qualifications

Adult teaching certificate

Catagory B driving test - Passed 1st time

Cardington DSA advanced test. {the same as driving examiners hold} - Passed 1st time

Fleet advanced driving award. - Passed 1st time

DSA Approved Instructor since 1995

DSA High Grade Instructor - 5

PCV Catagory D1 {Same test as as a car and trailer B+E} - Passed 1st time

PCV Catagory D {Same test as as a car and trailer B+E} - Passed 1st time

HGV Catagory C {Rigid Lorry} - Passed 1st time

HGV Catagory CE {Lorry with trailer} - Passed 1st time

FREE Classroom study available

Call for details

Failing to Prepare is like Preparing to Fail! {Quote by: Benjamin Franklin}

Who we teach

Should you need to tow any of the following: Any trailer weighing over 750kg,

Horsebox trailer

Work related towing

Landscape gardener

Tree felling businesses

Tow a caravan handling

Tow a boat

Tow a digger

Tool hire companies

Tow a motorbike trailer

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We have towing lessons available in your area if required. {additional fee may apply}

For trailer handling courses call our head office.

Call to book your trailer training courses

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