Towing Courses/Lessons Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for trailer training lessons/courses

Vehicle Insurance

A letter/email from the insurance company is required to cover driving tuition to tow a trailer; the insurance must also include use of vehicle for a B&E trailer driving test as proof may be requested by the driving examiner. Failure to provide proof would lead to loss of test fee and training fee.

Vehicle to be used

All vehicles should be clean and free from loose objects that could cause an accident

Number plates

Where the candidate wants to use their own vehicle than a rear number plate must be provided

Towing mirrors

The towing school can provide mirrors

Work wear

Please do not turn up in dirty work wear or muddy foot wear. High visible jackets must be worn on the day of the test.


5 working days are required to cancel any trailer training courses. Failure to give 5 days notice will result in the training session being charged in full.

Driving test cancellations

4 working days notice is required to cancel a driving test otherwise test fee will not be refunded by the Driving Standards Agency.

No refunds will be given by the Driving Standards Agency for tests cancelled due to illness by the test candidate.


Any candidates who arrive late will not be given any extra time. Should the candidate arrive late for a driving test then the examiner has the right to refuse the test from going ahead. {Test fee and training fee will be lost}

Drivers Documentation

Both parts of the driving licence need to be shown to the driving examiner at the time of the test otherwise the test cannot proceed and the test fee and training fee will be lost.


Any training session must be paid in advance of the training.

1. Payment can be made by cheque {7 days before the training session}

2. By bank transfer {4 days before training session}

3. By cash {on the day of the training session}

Note: All test fees need to be paid for within 2 days of when the test is initially booked.