Trailer, Caravan, Horsebox, Reversing made easy

Do you struggle to reverse your caravan?

If you want to be the bee`s knee`s of reversing then you have come to the correct site.

I set up my caravan reversing and caravan towing lessons school because I have seen endless caravaners struggle to master the reverse exercise.

you have probably seen many videos on the web which although they show a video of a successful caravan being reversed between a set of cones, BUT none of them actually gives a system of how to do it?

Thats where I come in, I can teach you a method that could make you the envy of your friends.


Trailer Towing & Reversing Skills

The skills below can be covered on a full days training or a selection to suit your needs can be covered

1. Hitching up a trailer to a car

2. Uncoupling a trailer from a car

3. The legality of using extended mirrors

4. Speed limits for trailers

5. Building confidence towing on the road

6. Stay legal and reduce your chances of speeding {My own unique system for gaining knowledge of where speed signs are placed}

7. Reversing in a straight line

8. Reversing into an opening on the right

9. Reversing into an opening on the left

10. Turning the trailer around in a small road

Prices4 hour driving, Reversing up to and hitching up caravan and reversing course £150

caravan handling course

Stuart has completed his caravan training course in our Liverpool branch. After completing the course Stuart feel`s ready to take his newly acquired skills to any caravan park of his choice, without any embarrassing problems on trying to reverse a caravan. Stuart also should benefit by a few extra eco tips on how to save fuel.